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APRIL Party Highlight: Brown Boy Joy | A Basquiat Inspired Baby Shower

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

This event was really special to me because this client has been following me for a long time… really since before I was fully doing this professionally, and we both were waiting for the perfect opportunity to work together. So when she reached out to me and told me she was expecting, I was super excited to have a chance to design something for her and make her and her son’s day special!

During our initial consultation, the only thing she specified was that she wanted the shower in shades of brown (no Teddy Bears! Lol), and that she wanted it to be called “Brown Boy Joy”. Otherwise she gave me creative freedom, which as an artist is my favorite type of client!

I immediately tried to think of the colors I wanted to use, and a motif to convey ”Brown Boy Joy”… for whatever reason Basquiat’s Crown motif popped in my head and I instantly knew they would be a perfect combinations to make this event unique and one for the culture. I wanted to do a lot of cocoa’s and chocolates, and incorporate some black because dad wanted the shower to not feel overly feminine since they were having a boy, and some gold because it’s mom’s favorite color (and it signifies the royalty that we are ;-)).

This is how the event turned out, and I’m really in LOVE with THE DETAILS! Some of my favorite elements from the event are the balloon wall backdrop (I’m about to get a trend rolling with this one!), the amazing treats, the unique basquiat block centerpieces and the GEORGOUS stroller set that acted as props for the dessert table, and that I gifted to my clients after the event.

Let me know you guys thoughts!

This event was roughly $6000 (50 guests, and I provided plannings services, the dessert table, guest table setting and a VIP area for the parents, along with some other extras). the price didn’t include venue rental, catering, mirror booth rental and some of the other elements of the event. Much of what I didn’t provide was donated or heavy discounted by the parents of my clients daycare (get you a TRIBE yall!). I’m really excited to plan this clients daycare graduation in a few weeks as well!

Tanisha, thank you for your support over the years and for trusting me to put together this event (and upcoming events) for you. I look forward to what we will create together next!

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