Fairy Tales of Motherhood: The Things They Never Tell You

When someone asks me to tell them about myself, the first thing I say... without hesitation... is I am a Mother. I think our identity is tied very much to how we complete the sentence "I am ________." If you asked me 6 years ago how I would answer that question I PROMISE you, MOTHER wasn't going to be the answer. I had big dreams of being a career girl and living a single and independent life, and sure enough that's how adulthood began for me. Think Sex in the City meets Living Single! Then along came Christian and he changed EVERYTHING! It's funny how life takes those childhood plans you create for yourself, tears them into shreds and then creates a mosaic more beautiful than anything you could have ever imagined for yourself! Motherhood helped me embrace my WOMANHOOD. Being a mom is more fulfilling than any career I could have chosen for myself, and this blog will highlight my journey,... the wins, the loses, the struggles, the blessings, and definitely some of the things I WISH someone told me about beforehand!

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