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Last Minute Valentine?

Are you one of those? Waited till the last minute now you have no idea what to get your partner? Here's a few ideas below!

  1. Romantic Dinner at home

  • This was a romantic birthday setup I did years back, but would be absolutely perfect for V-day! You can skip the dessert and candle stands if you don't have them, or use some items you have around the house. The plates are premium disposable plastic plates (I know, you can't even tell!) That I got from Amazon, but if you don't have time to order, Party City, Party America, Michael's and Hobby Lobby all have great options!

2. Dipping strawberries in chocolate together!

  • You can buy these pre-made in beautiful designs by many local cottage bakers, but if you don't have time, buying the material at your local grocery story can be a fun, romantic and even sensual activity for you and your partner. All you need is melting chocolate (I recommend Ghirardelli), a double boiler (or just use your microwave on low), and some fresh washed and dried strawberries.

3. If you are XTRA creative and have a little more time you can surprise that special someone with a romantic champagne box. These are a set I made for a clients wedding, and unfortunately I am not taking anymore orders for these for V-day; but feel free to pull inspiration, and don't worry your box doesn't need to be so elaborate! Get creative with the goodies you fill your box with, play with the box size/shape, the treats inside and even the little keepsakes. Present this to that special someone before you head out on your date

or have a romantic picnic in your living room while you both enjoy this special gift.

Whatever route you choose, I'm wishing you all the happiest of V-days!

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