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MAY Party Highlight: Miss Caleigh's MY WHOLE HEART 4th Birthday

BACK TO THE KIDS PARTIES I GO!!! And I must say, I really missed them!

I know you guys don’t like long posts, but bare with me please! It was such a pleasure to celebrate Miss Caleigh‘s fourth birthday and book release! For those that don’t know, The Beauford Family was one of my first customers when I started doing this professionally. At the time, I did Miss Caleigh’s first birthday, and I knew shortly after that event she would be going for her first major heart surgery to try to correct a defect she was born with. Caleigh was born with a hole in her heart, and it has been a long journey for her and her family to get here today. Despite it all, Caleigh has shown nothing but strength and been a ball of sunshine throughout this process. Her mother wanted to celebrate her journey by creating a children’s book to help educate other kids about children with heart defects. So for Miss Caleigh’s fourth birthday we thought it would be a perfect theme for her party as well as a great opportunity to do a book release and signing!

We really wanted to have fun and bright colors to match the illustrations in the book, and I wanted to have Caleigh everywhere! The book captures all of the innocence and whimsy of being a child while also spreading representation for all the heart warrior babies out their and I hope my event captured that! i was really nervous at first because again this was a COMPLETELY unique theme to the client with no reference point besides the book, so I was very pleased that my clients were happy with everything!

Special thank you to my clients The Beauford Family for the opportunity to be a part of not only Caleigh’s birthday, but part of her heart warrior journey as well. And a huge thank you to all of my vendors that help me put this event together!

If you would like to support Caleigh and her family by purchasing her book, you can head over to MY WHOLE HEART BOOK to purchase!

Let me know what you guys think of the comments and make sure you’d like, comment, share and follow!

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